Stands For

Active, Understand, Respond, achieve

Helping you Create Safe Spaces

The AURa approach blends together a series of connected risk models to help organisations respond to their everyday issues and risks, and then use this information to achieve their Businesses Goals


The innovative in-house methodology enables organisations to better capture and respond to daily activity


This allows organisations to better understand their risks, the harm that these could cause, and the opportunities they have to minimise the risk


Organisations can use this more detailed understanding to review their current approach, identify learning, and create new ways of working


Organisations focus on their objectives to drive their business. MoRServ believe they should focus on what customers want and regulators need and have designed the AURa approach so that the achieve part is delivered by organisations understanding and responding to customers needs through

AURa provides a suite of interconnected tools designed to help businesses and organisations record, manage and respond to daily risks leading to customer satisfaction, staff confidence and regulatory or legislative compliance


Record and Manage in one place

Business “Health Check”

Business Self Assessment that helps you improve

Business Continuity

Your “What if?” plans in one place

Policies & Procedures

Upload help information for staff


Record and manage your staff “to do” list


Identify and record your progress/ learning


Instant alerts for you and your staff.


Securely stay in touch with your staff.